About Sticks and Bones in New York City


Our Passion

I've been covered in dog hair for as long as I can remember. Growing up with a Beagle and two Basset Hounds in small-town Massachusetts instilled a sincere love for dogs from a very young age. Moving to New York in 2009 and graduating from St. John's University in 2013, I chose to focus my energy on dog-care. While working with dogs began as a way to make ends meet, it became a passion. 


No Dog Left Unloved

Like the dogs themselves, it is not a selfish business, it's an industry planted firmly in helping animals, and helping their owners. It's an honest, wholesome, and downright fun industry. 

With the foundation of Sticks & Bones NYC, my aim is to bring my vision of "no dog left unloved" to every possible dog in the five boroughs.


Your Best Friend's Best Friend

We want to make sure that dogs are loved, as well as walked. People can pay anyone and their brother to walk , water and feed a dog. But Sticks & Bones aims to be your best friend's best friend. We love them and care for them as if they are our own, because no dog should ever be left unloved.That is the mission of SticksandbonesNYC in New York.